In-stream & out-stream video

In Mediacore we develop all kinds of video campaigns, integrated into other audiovisual content (in-stream), or editorial content (out-stream).

The online video advertising has gained much importance in the digital planning of advertisers, because it allows us to combine and complement to other media such as television.

It is estimated that more than half of the overall Internet traffic is linked to audiovisual content. In addition, online video campaigns are very effective and user-accepted, due to its similarity to TV advertising.

Pre-roll video example

The In-Stream (overlays, pre-roll, mid roll or postroll) formats are highly demanded by advertisers, as advertising is integrated with the content (much like the TV spot a space before or during programming).

Another trend with great potential for growth is the Out-Stream formats, increasingly demanded. This format allows video ads between paragraphs of a publisher or post news (Video In-Text), making the ad is fully integrated with the content and not so intrusive to the user. Also this format allows, unlike the pre-roll, not having to have an audiovisual content which add the announcement.

In-Text video example

The integration of the three screens (mobile, TV and web) is the future trend in the effectiveness of online video campaigns.