Our primary goal is efficiency in everything we do, controlling costs and optimizing the investment. To do this, we offer our customers a choice of services that make ours the most comprehensive range on the market, and always at the forefront of new technologies focused on marketing.

Digital Media - Campañas en Medios Digitales

Digital Media

We help our customers throughout the process, with actions such as strategy, action planning, negotiation and purchase as well as the optimization and measurement of digital campaigns, covering all formats from the standard display, rich media, video and email marketing.

Prominet services:

  • Programmatic Buying & RTB (Mediamatic)

    Our programmatic’s buying platform (MEDIAMATIC) allows us to buy inventory in a real time way, impacting users a much more efficient manner, controlling costs and segmenting by different variables (subject, location, device, browser, etc).

  • Retargeting

    Retargeting is a form of advertising that allows us to address a highly qualified target, as they are users that have already been interested in a product or service of the advertiser. And thanks to our platform Mediamatic programmatic buying, and the ability to implement dynamic creatives, buying prints retargeting campaigns is also much more efficient.

  • In-stream & out-stream video

    Online video campaigns are very effective and user-accepted, due to its similarity to TV advertising. In Mediacore we develop all kinds of video campaigns, integrating them into other audiovisual content (in-stream), or editorial content (out-stream).

  • Affiliation campaigns

    What concerns to affiliate campaigns, our platform and our team work to get records, downloads or sales, through all types of devices (desktop and mobile). We handle the entire process, from recruiting members, select the formats to best suit your campaign, ensuring the quality of it, devoting all our resources and efforts to achieve the result you want to achieve.

Google Adwords - Posicionamiento en Buscadores

AdWords Conversion

Mediacore gets generate Google Adwords campaigns that work, because we have a multidisciplinary team that is responsible for developing a strategy of synchronized Adwords with the team of SEO client, achieving better results and ultimately, that campaigns Google Adwords are profitable for our customers.

  • Search campaigns
  • Display
  • Vídeo

Social Ads - Anuncios en Redes Sociales

Social Ads

Social media advertising is one of the most effective channels to give visibility and enhance the brand image of advertisers, increasing the percentage of attracting qualified users. In Mediacore we help our clients to develop campaign strategies in social networks, implementation and optimization, achieving maximum performance by combining a good target segmentation into different groups and producing creative pieces to suit everyone.

  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads

Producción Creativa Digital

Digital production

Our know-how and being in continuous learning of new formats and technologies, allows us to provide full service digital production, and always at the creative forefront. Thanks to our experience in digital marketing, we produce pieces that work, and to suit the objectives of our customers.

  • Sites, Microsites & Landing Page Conversion
  • Parts and standard creative adaptations and rich-media multi-device (HTML5)
  • Shared Augmented Reality

Adserving y Traficado de Campañas

Adserving and trafficking

Our ad server allows us to track and measure all the advertiser's site, launch the campaign at the same time hundreds of sites, with standard multidevice creatives or rich-media creatives, dynamic creatives and optimize the campaign in real time, depending on the results we're getting.

  • Full measuring site
  • Activation and optimization of campaigns
  • Advanced Reporting

Contenido Patrocinado

Branded Content, Native Ads and Sponsored content

Impact our target with attractive content and high value is a very effective way to promote a brand, product or service. Whether through branded content, of Native Ads or Sponsored Post, brands can connect with users creating emotional or cultural ties in a direct and non-invasive way. In Mediacore we develop the overall strategy of such actions and measure their response.

  • Branded Content
  • Native Ads
  • Sponsored Posts

Google Analytics y Big Data

Analytics and Big Data

With our analytics systems and Big Data we collect in an advanced way all data generated by users to the brand, navigation profile, and other data that the advertiser can use at any time for future advertising campaigns. We create advanced analytical reports, with sales funnel and attribution models (Path To Conversion).

  • Collection, Data gathering and Optimization
  • Analysis and key metrics
  • Advanced Reporting and Allocation Models (P2C)