Programmatic Buying & RTB (Mediamatic)

According to recent studies, the conventional display advertising reduces its investment, while investment in search engines (PPC) grows in the last year. The current economic situation and the need to focus the campaigns results by advertisers generates a tendency to invest in models where risks are low, even knowing that they have limitations.

Programmatic buying, unlike the conventional display that seeks to impact on a carrier, either by affinity or coverage, has as its fundamental principle to make a purchase model audiences. It seeks to impact user profiles, regardless of where navigating. This is joined by the retargeting strategies to apply and user behavior, providing indisputable improvement in campaign results.

Our programmatic’s buying platform MEDIAMATIC allows us to buy inventory in a real time way, impacting users a much more efficient manner, controlling costs and segmenting by different variables (subject, location, device, browser, etc).

Programmatic Buying - Mediamatic

The purchase program consists of two main aspects:

  • The technology, which allows you to leave behind the traditional purchase of spaces, and passes to make the whole process from one platform (DSP) that connects to all inventories and advertising space available (SSP and Ad Exchange). The most widespread model is the programmatic purchase bid in real time or Real Time Bidding (RTB).

  • Big Data, or what is the same as the brain of the purchasing process. Access to this incredible amount of data and navigation profiles allows to use bidding criteria, making more efficient purchase. Real Time Bidding (RTB) is just the buying process, you need the Data to complete the model and make it smart.

The programmatic buying also allows us the possibility to buy in other specific inventories or "Private Market" that are not available through the Real Time Bidding (RTB). Through Private Market Place you can access the inventory through purchase program, but not under the model bidding (RTB), but connecting us directly and usually at a fixed price previously closed. It's the closest thing to traditional purchase model, but through programmatic buying.

We have available all standard formats to launch campaigns programmatic buying and RTB, but also, and more focused on branding campaigns and visibility, we are able to do it with rich-media formats.

In the last year, it highlights the large volume of inventory available for video formats. The video certainly appears as one of the higher growth forecast programmatic buying and RTB, and digital advertising in general.