Retargeting is a form of advertising that is guided to users who already visited the advertiser's website, or interacted with their advertising, but failed to convert or fulfill the objective of the advertiser (download, registration or sale), and the re-we impact through targeted advertising and as in the pages they visit later.

Retargeting is a more effective and suitable for all types of advertisers and advertising budgets, and that allows us to address a highly qualified target, as they are users that have already been interested in a product or service of the advertiser. And thanks to our platform Mediamatic programmatic buying, and the ability to implement dynamic creatives, buying prints retargeting campaigns is also much more efficient.

Campañas de Retargeting - Remarketing - Creatividades Dinámicas

Retargeting process is as follows:

  1. When users enter the advertiser's website or to interact with your advertising campaigns are identified and tracked through a single anonymous cookie.
  2. Leaving the advertiser's website and browse other pages, users are recognized through our platform by the cookie and that's when we hit you re-personalized banner with the product or service you have been stakeholders.
  3. Users to click on the banner, headed straight to the page of the product or service you were interested, encouraging conversion.

The retargeting has greater impact than a conventional advertising campaign, because the message is intended only to users who have visited a page, so they are most likely to convert. The conversion rate is also higher, by customizing the banner where the products or services of interest to the user appear.

The retargeting is not focused on getting new visitors to our site, but to achieve conversion of previous visitors, so we have the limitation of hearing users who have visited our website. That's why, that retargeting is often combined with actions aimed at getting new traffic to the web as the RTB (Real Time Bidding) and search campaigns.