Affiliation campaigns

Affiliate marketing is to create a network of media (members) in order to get oriented to downloads, registrations or sales of a product or service, establishing a long-term relationship with them results.

In these campaigns are involved three distinct parts: the advertiser, the consumer, and the affiliate or intermediary. Their process is simple:

Affiliation campaigns - Performance
  1. The advertiser promoting products or services through advertising materials (banners, email mkt, text links, etc.) and makes them available to members.
  2. The affiliates advertise these parts within the website or its database users.
  3. When a consumer clicks on some parts of an affiliate, you will be redirected to the advertiser's page, and in the event that the user has finished registering or buying the product or service, the advertiser pays a commission to the affiliate for that service. The commission can be a fixed price or percentage of sales.

Affiliate marketing is a direct response model or payment by results, that is, advertisers pay affiliates only for registration or sale (CPD, CPI, CPL or CPA) managed, not having to make a down payment.

In regard to affiliate campaigns, our platform and our team work to get records, downloads or sales, through all types of devices (desktop and mobile). We handle the entire process, from recruiting members, select the formats to best suit your campaign, ensuring the quality of it, devoting all our resources and efforts to achieve the result you want to achieve.