AdWords Conversion

Search engines are a key to drive traffic to our web part, because they allow users looking for a product or service we offer, we can find (advertising demand).

Google in Spain has a share of over 90%, which is essential to be well positioned in this search. Search engine marketing, SEM or PPC campaign (Pay Per Click) will increase traffic to the websites of our clients, obtaining qualified and quality traffic, increasing conversion and therefore their income.

Google AdWords Plataform

In Mediacore, we get generate Google Adwords campaigns that work, because we have a multidisciplinary team that is responsible for developing a strategy of synchronized Adwords with the team of SEO client, achieving better results and ultimately, that campaigns Google Adwords are profitable for our customers.

Our goal with Google Adwords campaigns is to generate returns for our clients, putting us squarely in your business, knowing your industry, your products and your competitors, and develop the most effective Adwords campaign possible.

Our labour it is not only taking care of creating your Google Adwords campaigns, but we make a team with our clients, managing and optimizing campaigns for the sole purpose of achieving their objectives at the lowest cost.