Social Ads

Ad spending by advertisers through social networks continues in continuous growth. According to recent studies, it is estimated that investment in ads through social networks, representing 20% of the budget online advertisers in the coming years.

Social media advertising is one of the most effective channels to give visibility and enhance the brand image of advertisers, increasing the percentage of attracting qualified users. In Mediacore we help our clients to develop campaign strategies in social networks, implementation and optimization, achieving maximum performance by combining a good target segmentation into different groups and producing creative pieces to suit everyone.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a social network that has more than 1,200 million registered users, and almost 700 million daily active users (almost 25% of internet users in the world), which makes it one of the users more options attractive to increase the visibility of your business.

Facebook ads Example

In Facebook Ads, ads can target different types of target, segmenting based on location, gender, age, tastes and interests, marital status and education among others, can impact with different creatives and formats (banners and video) to each group segmented user. It also gives us the ability to interact with users through games, sweepstakes, contests or polls simple and can meet their interests and use them for your business.

Linkedln Ads

LinkedIn is the largest professional B2B network in the world and offers us the opportunity to target advertisements to the type of professional we want to hit. This network has over 310 million monthly active users, and allows us to address our target based on different criteria such as professional title, seniority, industry, age, name of the company and members of LinkedIn groups and others.

LinkedIn ads Example

It allows us to use different formats, video ads to text ads only, and track results in real time and evaluate the return on investment and improve performance.

Twitter Ads

Twitter has over 271 million monthly active users, also becoming another good alternative to running ads and get quality traffic to the websites of advertisers.

Twitter ads Example

It also allows us to address our target segmented by variables as followers, keywords, location, gender, language, and device among others. The advantage of this network is that you pay only when users follow your account or retwitteen, mark as favorite, reply or make your Promoted Tweet button, so you can measure your results in real time, obtaining what their interests and number of followers or interactions you get.