Branded Content, Native Ads and Sponsored content

Impact our target with attractive content and high value is a very effective way to promote a brand, product or service. Whether through Branded Content (mayúsculas), Native Ad or Sponsored Post, brands can connect with users creating emotional or cultural ties in a direct and non-invasive. In Mediacore we develop the overall strategy of such actions and measure their response.

Branded Content is not just a brand linked to content, but the brand itself and its product is the center of the content. We introduce the brand in the context of content, linking and not just passively display.

The storytelling and creativity of Branded Content must breathe the brand philosophy, but not being intrusive to the user but the brand is part of the content. Ultimately the goal of Branded Content is inform or entertain the user, not impact a conventional advertisement.

Branded Content should not be treated as a special or specific action, but should be considered long term and form part of the communication strategy of the brand.

The native advertising or Native Ads are ads for the user relevant content featuring brands, with the advantage of being perfectly integrated into the editorial space of the media, with the same look & feel and the same user experience than the restIt supports articles.

Ejemplo de Native Ads

Sponsored Posts campaigns are items paid bloggers to create a brand. They should be considered as part of the content strategy of the brand, getting directly reach their audience through various intermediaries that have influence in their communities (influencers).

Ejemplo de Post Patrocinado

Sponsored posts can be a smart and efficient solution for brands if well selected bloggers and influencers.