Analytics and Big Data

With our analytics and Big Data systems, we collect in an advanced way all data generated by users to the brand, navigation profile, and other data that the advertiser can use at any time for future advertising campaigns.

Similarly, we store customer´s data in a private single file, being the sole owner of the advertiser data for use and exploitation, and also elimination. Unlike other technologies or ad networks, in Mediacore are customer data and not use them to feed other databases.

Google Analytics Plataforma

We know that analytics is a key to define strategies for the short and medium term factor, and therefore we help our customers create a master dashboard analytics, with the most relevant to your business KPI's, which will allow us to optimize strategies for later poster campaigns and to make decisions. We generate further advanced analytical reports with detailed sales funnel and attribution models or Path To Conversion, allowing us to determine the influence of each channel in yourself and others in achieving conversions, and thus be much more efficient distribution of budgets.