Adserving and trafficking

With ad serving and tracking technology we can launch the campaign at the same time hundreds of sites, measure and control to detail the number of users impacted, as well as clicks, leads and sales generated by our clients' campaigns.

It allows us to double users and to measure the interactions carried out on parts of campaigns. We can also measure each of the channels (display, search engines, email marketing) independently and get full campaign reports.

Adserving, campaign trafficking and optimization

Our ad server allows us to launch standard and rich-media creatives, desktop and mobile formats, and optimize the campaign depending on the pieces that are generating better response. Similarly, and more focused in retargeting actions, we can re-impact users with dynamic creative, that is, pieces generated automatically by the navigation profile the user has had on the advertiser's website, showing the products or services who has been interested.

Our technology allows us to track and measure around the site of the advertiser, controlling the steps performed by the user on the web, giving us all the information necessary to optimize the site to promote the conversion of the user. We also have the possibility to create repositories of cookies to our customers, keeping the history of user interactions, we can use later to optimize advertising campaign or perform subsequent actions.