Compra Programática y Real Time Bidding (RTB) - Mediamatic

Programatic buying and RTB (Mediamatic)

We buy advertising inventory segmented according to your target, achieving qualified traffic to your web and optimizing the cost. All this through just one platform and in real time.

Campañas de Retargeting - Remarketing - Creatividades Dinámicas


We impact only to those users who showed interest on your product or service, with tailored messages according to their navigation path. As well, we integrate all this process in our programatic buying platform, achieving the most efficient campaigns.

Video Online - In-Stream (Pre-roll) - Out-Stream (In-Text, In-Banner) - Youtube

In-stream video & out-stream video

Reach your target in a very effective way thanks to the high level of acceptance of the video format. We cover all different formats, from Pre-roll (in-stream) to In-text (out-stream).